Review of Stories of Belonging by Caz Kropp

Stories of Belonging is the kind of performance you should make time to see. Six stories are shared to the audience by Sistas Holding Space. Threaded together by themes of  displacement, ancestry and belonging, you’ll connect with at least one of these stories, with some may even making you uncomfortable. Because the sharing of their stories in this close connected way isn’t about validation for these artist/researchers, it’s about gifting the audience something to take away and find a little bit of understanding within them.

But why is ancestry important? The answer comes up time and time again in these women’s stories. The lack of knowledge of where we come from. Australia has a troubled history. Our ancestral stories may be full of violence, pain or courage but these women of varied decent tell their stories with such empathy that it is easy to connect. In the words of Tracey Bunda “We need to regain our knowledge to understand ourselves better.”

The space is the talking circle, kuril dhagun at the State Library of Queensland. Which, if you’ve never been there before is a lovely open air space with a fire pit. Perfect for a intimate and friendly gathering. As each woman shares her journey, her ancestry you can forget that what your watching is a performance. It becomes a privilege to be invited to hear these stories. When the performance ends the women invite you to sit around the fire and chat. Ask questions. Listen to others ask questions. Take in everything you can from these lovely ladies because what they have to say is so important. This may not be the most jovial performance at Anywhere but it certainly is one of the most critical.

Caz Kropp

The reviewer attended the Friday 18th May performance.

Dates: Sunday 20 May @ 6.00pm

Tickets: Here