Mind Games by Passenger Theatre Company Reviewed by Natasha Hayes

Entering the Woolloongabba art gallery felt almost like home as I enjoyed this space at a performance at last year’s ATF.

This was a very different experience Virag Dombay plays Macey with Raphael Tefera playing Bryce but their names are really spoken.
We go up the stairs to see them half way through a game of connect 4 looking at the frame no one is in the lead and hoping  by touching the pieces this will help their game.
They are playing with each others mind quoting fact, thinking of memories and staring at each other the game of connect 4 is forgotten.
Often getting up from their seats they move around the table to the soundtrack that is real life noise.
These two performed well together dare we say it they “connected” but for me I found the performance a little too intellectual where they competing with words or playing with each others mind or was that the point?
I appreciate the hard work Virag and Raphael undertook to prepare and delivered a fine performance but unfortunately for me I was distracted at times by the game on the table and the  look on their faces rather than on what is being said to each other
This was reviewed on the 17.05.2018