Review: Mettle, Moxie & Melody

By Tara Ramsay

Mettle, Moxie & Melody takes us on a musical journey of the lives of three women, Renae (Courtney Farrar), a young mother whose husband is lost in the video game abyss, Stella (Merilee Ettia) who is stuck in a corporate wasteland but dreams of making music and Evie (Zoe Lee Archer) who has a new love but is struggling to come out to her conservative mother.

The show opens with all characters on stage, in their separate spaces and the opening song gives us an insight into each of their lives. It’s well executed and there is no confusion between the characters, which can often happen with so many people on stage, especially when there is music involved. There are a number of giggles from the audience because there are so many relatable moments and we get that whilst they are living separate lives all of the women want more.

The soundtrack is piano heavy and at times overpowers some of the quieter voices – there are 15 original songs, ranging from ballads to upbeat show tunes and there is even a poetry slam thrown in for good measure. A few times throughout the night we could hear some techno music booming from the show in the next room and it always seemed to be in the most intimate moments, but the actors all did well to not let it distract them.

It’s a small space and the staging is kept simple, a couch, a few chairs and a bassinet, which works well because it doesn’t crowd the intimate space and plenty of room is left for the dance numbers. All the actors assist with moving staging and props when required. It was well choreographed and worked into the show, so it never looked out of place.

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