Review: Matt Hale Comedy Hypnotist

Matt Hale’s final night, the 14th May found me at the Globe Theatre, Fortitude Valley

I have usually been at the venue to see some live music but tonight we were seated in front of stage with his profile on banners and seats on the stage and in front of the stage.  I was surprised how many there were.

Matt put the audience at ease telling us what hypnosis is and what it is not.  He did ask who had been to a show before.  Half had been to a show before and about half had not.

After he finished his speech he asked for volunteers to be hypnotised.  I was surprised at how may were keen to have a go.

I too thought I would have a go, so am I now reviewing myself?

I was very aware of Matt’s voice and kept my eyes closed for most of the session, under his instruction.  I was aware of people around me, until the last minute we were told to remain seated.

Matt’s manager who also happens to be his wife gave me a wrap to cover my legs as I was wearing a skirt, dignity restored!

I did not feel uncomfortable at all but I do wonder if I had my eyes open would it have made a difference.  I also did not feel that I was “going under” as he did state “you will forget everything until you have a sip of water”  I did not have a sip water to remember what I had done in fact there was one thing I was required to do I actually found quite hard.

My experience was an enjoyable one and I was offered the chance to buy a copy of the dvd of the night but I declined maybe if I did not remember than sure otherwise I was glad to hear some laughter.  His job was a success!!!