Review: Learning To Love Gravity

High up in the celling of the vast warehouse occupied by the Vulcana Women’s Circus hangs a series of ropes, tissus and trapezes hiding a young orphan too scared to come down to the ground.

Learning to Love Gravity by PlayOn Productions follows the interactions between two young girls, the orphan, who is afraid of the earth beneath her, and a stranger, who is afraid of everything else.

Both performers did an amazing job of embodying the personalities of their respective kid characters. I especially loved the way in which Sarah McLeod, who occupied the ground, spoke at the speed of light, spitting out complicated phrases and twisted sentences, all with the enthusiasm of a sugar-buzzed seven-year old.

This set is also a visual treat for audiences of Learning to Love Gravity. It was especially spectacular to watch Lara Croydon flitter from red hammock to a rope trapeze and then on to a long red tissu high above the ground. It was as if she had learnt to float before she learnt to crawl.

The performance is advertised as having a duration of sixty minutes, but it in fact only goes for about thirty. However, this short but sweet performance is still an incredibly pleasant way to spend half an hour.

During the thirty minutes inside the Stores Building at the Brisbane Powerhouse I took a quick glance at the rest of the audience members to find that there were only adults sitting around me. I felt as though, besides from the incredibly fast-paced dialogue and often complex language structures used, the plot and message was perhaps more appropriate for young children and was surprised not to see any in attendance. I think this is definitely a performance for families to enjoy together.

Review by Toni Petersen.

This review is based on the reviewer’s experience of the performance on the 10th of May

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