Review: Kiss of the Vampire Squid

In Kiss of the Vampire Squid Act/React, the team behind Titanic: The Movie, The Play, return to the high seas for an hour of wacky audience inspired comedy, staged on board the HMAS Diamantina at the Queensland Maritime Museum. Just how much of the show is improvised is a little unclear, but at the centre of each story is Able Seaman Jack, a young sailor who dreams of adventure, until a chance encounter with an audience generated evil sea creature changes his path forever.

Given that the show isn’t really advertised as improv theatre, it does take a moment or two for things to click with the audience, and for the beats of silence and the cutting off of performers to make sense. But once the ball gets rolling, there’s moments of absolute comedy gold. Hastily improvised songs, set to music from a live accordion, were stuck in my head for hours afterwards, and there’s at least three brilliant lines I plan to use liberally in conversation – relevant or otherwise.

Though it feels a little awkward at times, as performers play catch up with one another, Kiss of the Vampire Squid – like any high seas adventure – is about the journey, not the destination. So batten down the hatches and grab a beer, because things are probably going to get a little bit weird.

Jodie B. Sloan (website)

Dates: 11th-12th May, 17th-18th May, 20th May
Where: Queensland Maritime Museum, South Bank.
Tickets/More infohere

Reviewer attended the May 10th performance.

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  • Marcus

    Great show…the idea of using an old heritage listed vessel in a heritage listed dry dock ,the latter used as a swimming pool over one hundred years ago is brilliant…if only the squid could have come over the side from the depths of the dock!

    • Jodie B. Sloan

      I didn't know that about the old dry dock! Learn something new every day, hey 😊 The show is a huge amount of fun, but you're right - a big squid coming aboard would have been something else!

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