Invisible Things REVIEW by Natasha Hayes

Invisible things by Alex Mizzen

In the stores building on the grounds of the Brisbane Powerhouse is a woman in a transparent box she is wrestling with herself, her thoughts, her ideas, in fact who she is as a person.

As patrons we are encouraged to stand around the box or even walk around to enhance the experience.

Alex moves around the box in a fusion of dance and circus skills, her body is testing the limits.  Often with limited lighting

We are warned of confronting imagery and yes sure that is part of it but is moving her body in a limited space and how she does it got me interested

At times I wanted to look away yet I was transfixed waiting to see what would happen next, moving around the box at times you had no choice but to see her and then other times all you could see the “tools” to tell her story.

The soundtrack is composed by Anna Whitaker, haunting in places yet beautiful when it needed to be.

This was a very brave piece of work that left us patrons in awe of Alex and her demons.