DARKNESS rolls over me and I try to calm my mind as my skin begins to fight the claustrophobic grip of the blindfold on my face. “I’m fine,” I tell myself. “I’m safe.”

My mind is grappling for information – using every remaining sense to gain tiny hints as what might come next. The cool Autumn air inside the yoga studio. People softly gliding past my body as it lays in stillness, head propped up on a pillow. Whispering voices dissipating to a hush …eventually turning to complete silence. The kind where all you can hear is a slight ringing in your ears, the kind that makes you pray for sound.

No light. There is no light, only darkness. I’m calm, I’m curious.

I used to hate the darkness, not because it had nothing to offer me, but because of all that it could. My wild imagination would often run away into the deepest abyss, only to crawl back out carrying the most fantastically terrifying creatures.

This is where Into The Dark leads you… Down an unfamiliar path where the possibilities are only truly defined by the expanse and limit of your own imagination.

I found myself traveling across a wide expanse of land – a new frontier – leaving the earth undisturbed and sacred. I was transported to Venice where I watched the world from beneath the water’s surface – people dodging scooters and embracing the afternoon sun, shining it’s warmth on smiling cheeks. I strolled the isolated seaside of northern Scotland, gulls filling the breeze as the hand of my love lay gently in mine.

These images only scratched the surface of the potential which Into The Dark conjured within my mind.

Small things.

Beautiful things.

A gentle diversion for everyday theatre-goers and a thoroughly welcomed concept – Into The Dark breaks barriers to create a space for the audience to fulfill their own song-strung journey. Their own show.

I left feeling a great appreciation for those involved – giving light to my darkness.



PS. An extra date (Sunday, May 24) has been added to the run. I highly recommend booking ASAP to avoid missing out – anywherefest.com/buy-tickets/into-the-dark