Review: Into the Dark

Waiting outside a yoga studio in Teneriffe was a different concept for me as I am usually doing yoga in one.

We were greeted by a friendly usher or rather a member of the orchestra, Deep Blue who I did not know until tonight that is who would be playing for us.

Now I knew that, we were in for a treat !

We went through the door then we are asked to remove shoes and place the blindfolds over our eyes, we sat on a mat, a blanket was there too as well as a cushion for our head/neck

Let the music play, it certainly was different listening to music with eyes closed, I had no idea where they were in relation to where I was lying down.

Someone announced the name of the piece and the composer before each piece of music, none of them were recognisable.

I was in a “sensitive” frame of mind at the start of the night, this music seems to enhance that.

I am not sure if the members of the orchestra moved around but at times I felt certain instruments were right behind me.

I had many images in my mind throughout the 45 minutes performance

Luckily the last piece was uplifting as I think I may have just fallen asleep to lovely lullabies.

Thinking this was the last performance I felt sorry for those who missed out but Deep Blue has added a extra on the final night of the festival at 6pm on the 24th

Go enjoy some Deep Blue !  No need to have a yoga studio just for yoga!