Review: Good Show

‘Good Show’ is a fun journey into the future where robots have cemented their power in our lives. It’s the year 2027 and we are taken through a series of scenarios all revolving around a new technological world. We see how computers match us with our perfect partners, but is that a good thing? We see how artificial insemination takes place with no human touching in comic and touching little scenes that finally display how the power of human love and attraction shine through. We go inside a video game and witness license to live. All amusing scenes, performed with great physicality and powerful, expressive voices.

‘Good Show’ is presented by 3 talented actors. (Normally 4, yet one actor unfortunately broke his leg recently. Kudos to the remaining actors for continuing on with the show as they had to quickly adjust scenes and learn new lines. Actually a very funny part of the show was where they named a segment ‘the missing scene’ and completely adlibbed by playing a theatre sports game, using an audience member’s text messages as a script. It was witty and demonstrated the strong improvisation skills of the cast very well.)

It is a clever show that draws you in from the very beginning with a TED lecture-like style on the future. Their opening credits are quite impressive on the Tv screen and they certainly perform the show with gusto and great energy. They get us, the audience, involved with clapping, making suggestions and sharing our blessings with them.

The Humdinger bar is a great location for this comedy show, with its upstairs room transformed into a performance space with lights and stage area. Plus if you are hungry or want a drink, it is all there for you to enjoy.

‘Good Show’ IS a good show for lots of laughs and entertainment. It is a clever concept performed by skilful improvisers. Go check it out.

By Melissa Learmonth