Review: Glampire Masquerade – Jodie B. Sloan

Taking on a new identity for the night, as either a dull Drab or a glamourous Thrill, audience members are invited to mingle amongst themselves, making allegiances, sniffing out enemies, and taking part in rituals. Secret missions, hidden powers, and dangerous Glampire hunters abound, as ticket holders use their Mojo (and their Faux-Jo) to either bring about Glamourgeddon, or destroy their Glampire hosts’ dreams for good.

After last year’s brilliant The Farce Awakens, I had high expectations for Folly GamesGlampire Masquerade, and while there’s fantastic moments – including the ordaining of a new Glampire and just about everything Al Fur (Maja Hann) does – when the audience is left to their own devices, it does start to fall flat. The rules seem simple, but without much guidance from the team early on, things like the voting rituals and the use of powers start to get confusing. As the host read out the results of some players’ secret missions, it becomes clear just how good this show can be, but it’s not quite there yet, and its a little disappointing.

Sound issues also plagued the night, which isn’t ideal when you’re already competing with the busy Boundary Street Markets. Jokes couldn’t land as mics cut out, and clever song lyrics were often drowned out by the band. To the team’s credit, the Glampires soldiered on regardless, even when it looked like a few guests had vanished into the night, and it was their entertaining interludes that kept me in my seat – though the $5 wine might have helped too!

The beauty of Anywhere Festival is that it’s a wonderful testing ground for new ideas, and Glampire Masquerade IS a great concept. Playful, inventive, and a little bit kinky, it’s got all the makings of something really quite special, but it’s going to need a smidge more Mojo to get there.

Jodie B. Sloan (website)

Dates: 12th May (shows at 6.30pm and 8.30pm)
Where: Boundary Street Markets, West End.
Tickets/More infohere

Reviewer attended the May 11th performance.

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