Girls Girls Girls presented by Bonnie Curtis reviewed by Natasha Hayes

The production was performed at Newmarket Hall which was connected to the Newmarket Bowls which has seen better days.

Based in Sydney this was another company who is making their Brisbane debut, they are hoping to take to the Melbourne Fringe Festival in September.

8 girls are introduced to the audience by MC, Melinda Penna who looked magnificent in her outfit and  infectious smile.

We were encouraged to interact with the girls but still allowing them space to “do their thing”

This performance covered most genres of dance from ballet to cabaret to contemporary but that is not all they also performed skits about being a girls with over the top antics bringing laughs to most to of the audience.

The soundtrack varied as much as the dance styles.  Their was no problem for me to cheer and “woop woop” when the MC encouraged us to.

I admit I wanted to share the stage with the girls when they did their dance routine  but then I read their BIO’s and they have studied and performed with some prestigious companies so I guess I would not make “the grade”

It was refreshing to see dance performed at a slower pace, I am sure they still work just as hard so being able to do both made me appreciate this company even more.

I loved this performance, thank you girls girls girls

Reviewed 19.05.2018 3:30 performance