Girls don’t Poop REVIEW by Natasha Hayes

Girls don’t poop presented by Georgia Pierce and Sophie Barendse reviewed by Natasha Hayes

Hanging out at the back of New Farm Community Centre is where I found myself on the last Friday of the festival although it was the opening night for the ladies of Girls don’t poop.

What a fun show this is we are told to follow a path to see if we can see the “wild girl” amongst the follage.

She was spotted as much as she tried to hide I won’t tell you how in case you want to find her too.

Later in the performance the wild child performed a dance routine with her fellow performer indoors changing her character altogether.

The noise from the bowls club could have been  a distraction but these girls were able to focus on the “task” at hand

With brightly coloured outfits that included an everyday item it has be seen to be believed.

With strong movements which at times were in sync with each othet this show at only 30 mins I was pleasantly surprised of the impact it had on me.

These girls are so proud of their work they performed and so they should be.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future

Reviewed 25.05.2018 5pm show