Review: Giggleback Kidz Reunion Tour

On the 12 May I was at Toowong Bowl’s club, starting at 6pm was pushing it as we had to get through peak hour traffic but we made it, just!

Produced by Young Goose productions, Giggleback Kidz were “big” 10 years ago when they were 16 or so the story goes but a lot has happened since then so Nick , Ruth, Simon and Molly tells us through “cheesy” smiles, catchy songs and unforgettable dance moves.

A simple stage was all that was needed, actually it was not even a stage just carpeted floor with chairs around with a isle in between.  They used the wall behind them to project images.

A guitar, drum kit and electronic were played with big exaggerated moves, especially on the keyboard.  They also wore head sets to complete the look.

Their costumes suited the people they had become, Molly in full 1950’s rockabilly out fit stood out as much as her happiness as well as Ruth in her all black pants and jacket, dark and brooding like she has become.

We were asked to donate to Headspace, a place that assist young people with mental health, general health, drug and alcohol and education and employment issues.  We did so gladly, for our efforts we won original CD’s, 2 signed posters and a shirt.

I have always admired performers who do so for children, whose attention span is so limited and to remain positive in an “adult” world.

Yes, we may all be adults now but it was fun to remember when life was simple and a song in your heart was enough to get you through the tough times.

Playing again on the 15th 19th and 21st