Get in the Cupboard REVIEW by Natasha Hayes

Get in the cupboard Presented by Taylor Edwards and Rosa Sottile Reviewed by Natasha Hayes

This show was held at Electric Avenue an eclectic pub at Woolloongabba with the Whisky Room upstairs or should I say the cupboard where Taylor and Rosa performed their skits.

I have always said there is a fine line between comedy and rude these ladies did not cross it,

They talked about every day things and activities, which when you are doing at the time it does not seem funny but they way they talked about it it is,  us humans are strange beasts.

They supported each other from a far but then came together for a great little song at the end “Leave it in the will”

At times there was improv happening when a string would not do its thing and the music got mixed up but hey that was part of the charm and bravery of these ladies.

They performed each Wednesday of the festival I saw this one on the last one, they still kept it fresh and got lots of laughs.

Actually I discovered that there was lady who came back for another session, even knowing what happens she must have liked it enough to come back for more.

Yes life can be a laugh even if you have anxiety,just ask Taylor and Rosa.

Reviewed on the 23.05.2018