Review: Genius?

The last week of the Anywhere Festival was here, no slowing down for me – 5 shows in 4 days!

Genius?  This event I was back at Taylor King Art Gallery, Newmarket which was apt as the performance was about surrealist artist, Salvador Dali

This was directed and performed by students from Queensland Academy Creative Industries (QACI) who are studying drama as part of their senior years of high school.

Oh my goodness that makes them 16 or 17 years old, such talent

Dressed in jeans and shirts that were brightly coloured in art work that represented Dali this group was great.  Only one gentleman in the cast and 4 ladies they covered all areas of Dali’s life so obviously performers played multiple roles.

I think what impressed me the most was the fact they chose Dali to  perform about, considering he was in his prime in the 1950’s and passed away in 1989  I am surprised they even knew he was.

I went along knowing a little a bit about Dali but I left with so much knowledge and in some way some sympathy for  the man that was Dali

Did they answer the question was he a genius?   Oh you can answer that but I believe the performers were definitely  Genius in their performance.

I hope to see more graduates of QACI at future festivals