Full Steam Ahead REVIEW by Natasha Hayes

Full Steam Ahead presented by Inside Out  Theatre Company reviewed by Natasha Hayes

This company writes, perform and produce their own murder mysteries in various venues around Brisbane

Still in Spring Hill Reservoirs as a double bill with The Ballad of Rosie Quinn

It was a change of pace as we were required to move around the space to follow the characters of this thriller where the audience decides who the killer is and why?

As this murder was set on a train station I am not sure why we were in the reservoir although it was billed as a promenade performance when previous train murders have been on an old steam train

This particular production has also been performed  at the Imperial  hotel in Eumundi that inc a 3 course meal

To be honest the concept is great but somehow it “lost” me the accents that were required for some characters became hard to understand and at times I had trouble hearing them even when I did follow them around the space ( or maybe I have seen so much at the festival that I was tired)

The costumes suited the characters, nothing over the top but got the idea of who the characters are as people.

There were handouts with clues given to the audience members to help work out who and why?  There was not enough so I followed someone else listening to their thoughts and contributing what I could.

This was the last performance and certain performers seemed tired of the whole thing while others kept in character throughout the whole performance.

I so wanted to “get into” the whole experience as I love the company’s mission about theatre and the story itself  but unfortunately tonight’s performance  left me feeling flat.

Maybe a different venue would helped at least for the Brisbane production

This review was for the performance on the 20.05.2018


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  1. rhonda johnson

    Well I thoroughly enjoyed this performance. The surroundings reminded me so much of the old railway stations with the brick walls and cement floors.
    All the actors portrayed their characters extremely well, and their accents were spot on.
    The show was quite funny, I found myself giggling quite often, and no I hadn’t touched a drop.
    Unfortunately I did not correctly guess the murderer.

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