Review: FLOOD

By Tara Ramsay

Chris Isaacs’ play ‘Flood’ debuted in 2004 as part of the Perth Fringe Festival. Chris wanted to reflect his feelings about Australia and it’s relationship with the Indigenous community and ‘Flood’ was the result of that.

A tale of six twenty somethings heading out on what should be the adventure of a lifetime; six friends reuniting to hit the open road and explore what the Australian Outback has to offer and catching up on lost time. It’s meant to be the best summer ever but when an unexpected violent event takes place it all comes crashing down and fractures start to appear in the once tight knit group of friends.

Presented by Emma Lamberton and Brie Jurss and held on the grass in The Great Court at the University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus, production designer Jack A. Kelly worked with the beautiful big trees and placed us all at the campsite with the six friends. Audience members took a spot on a mat, beanbag or seat around the edge of the performance space that was marked out with tree branches, citronella candles and lights. Three tents and a camp fire filled the space under trees and there was a frosty, freshly mowed lawn smell wafting through the air…I was completely drawn in.

As audience members were still shuffling in, the cast began to enter from different directions with bags, they began fussing with the tents and were excited to see each other. All cast members were barefoot and as the background music faded in, we were dropped into the middle of the reunion, laughing, hugging and applying a bit of mozzie spray of course!

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