Review: Dinner with Friends

by Vicky Wanless

Improv who doesn’t love Improv!!

There is something so exciting and fun about watching a show where the actors don’t even know what is coming next, so the audience gets to go on the ride with them.

Dinner With Friends is a great little concept where we have four tables with a pair of talented actors at each one ready to take on the audiences suggestions of characters, places etc. Made up from members of The Big Fork Theatre, home of Brisbane’s Improvisation and Sketch Comedy.

We are introduced to the night by our “head waiter” who informs us that the actors will be in for a culinary treat. Actually, no, he has bought cheap food from Aldi, lol, and so it begins.

The first table is 2 brothers who were brought up in different countries. One from Slovakia (because Souvalaki) who are having a meal together and discussing Australia and the homeland of…..Souvalaki 😊

Playing up on the differences between one war torn land and the other land of the Shelia is very funny and a great way to start off the show. After Mr. “Souvalaki” tries rice we get the line of the night “it dances on my tongue like fairies”. Already the audience is in fits of laughter, this is what good improv is all about.

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