Cospla-gay-sian REVIEW by Natasha Hayes

Cospla-gay-sian presented by Anja and April Productions reviewed by Natasha Hayes

Out the back of Nash’s play shed a little play with a strong message was performed.

With 4 performers they told their story of who they are, who they really are and how acceptance is the meaning of true friendship.

The writer of Cospla-gay-sian was also the director.

It was very personal content, based on himself? or the actors own story and they asked him to share their experiences?

At times I felt I was out of touch about what young people are experiencing but that soon changed when I forgot about where the scenes were but focused on what was being said.

These young people were great in their words and actions, the setting was very close to the “action”  their was no escaping or in this case denying their feelings.

Simple costume changes were done outside but they made it back in time to continue the story.

Simple set changes were done by the performers themselves in the dark and with some tricky props they pulled it off.

The dinner scene particularly made me smile at the honesty of Karen and gave a new meaning to frozen dinners.

This was a beautiful thought provoking performance with one performance left please go it might just question yourself or your friends

Reviewed for the performance on the 24.05.2018