Review by Theatre Haus of ‘Detox’, presented by Bourke & Heather.

‘Detox’ was nurturing.

We have all heard the phrase, ‘you are what you eat’, but what happens when we don’t give our body what it needs? What happens when we let society decide how we take care of ourselves?

Created by Sophie Heather and Tish Bourke, ‘Detox’ is an influential and fresh piece of verbatim theatre that explores the construction of the female identity through societal pressures and body shaming, whilst also being laugh out loud funny. Through a combination of real-life stories, and interwoven plotlines, the performance is a powerful representation of today’s diet culture, and the unattainable realities of ‘the perfect body’. Throughout the performance, the protagonist, Genie, played by Tyra Pohlman, repeatedly questions her appearance and is prepared to do what it takes to achieve her desired body. Even if she must remain on an impossible diet and exercise regime.

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