Review by Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane of ‘The Virtuous Burglar’, presented by Xth Act

The Virtuous Burglar, one of Dario Fo’s famous farces, depicts the aftermath of a burglary and what happens when the situation worsened. Six characters are entangled in a web of matrimonial intrigue in a place they would rather not be.

On a Sunday evening, I found myself in a restaurant front seat, waiting for a theatre production to begin with a small crowd of theatre enthusiasts, while some calm jazz music played in the background.

Lights were dimmed. It started with quiet music and a burglar entering through the wide clear glass doors discreetly with a flashlight in the dark. The set was relatively simple but functional, consisting of only a red sofa, a table, and a rug, and I was surprised to see the clock tower printed on a white paper on a board instead of an actual clock tower furniture.

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