Review by Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane of ‘Oberon 11’, presented by Inscape Assembly

Have you ever wanted to visit an intergalactic prison for the deceased? Have you ever fantasised about being a detective who will find the one inoccent soul in this den of criminals? If you ticked yes to either or both of those boxes, then boy, do we have some good news for you.

Presented by Inscape Assembly and Anywhere Festival, Oberon 11 is an immersive, site-specific work in which you are invited to enter a space prision in which four eccentric prisoners eagerly await their fate. As a junior detective, it is your job to work with your other fellow detectives to decide which of these prisoners has been wrongly accused. You will do this by interacting with the prisoners themselves and investigating their respective cells, some filled with potions and mathematical equations, others decorated with a Playboy poster and a basketball hoop. Afterlife space prison can get weird.

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