Review by Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane of ‘Murder at the Bowlo’, presented by Impro Mafia

We’re welcomed into the Rural Party of Queensland’s fundraiser of 1987 for Grame Pintzer MP, by the man of the hour himself and event organiser, Gabby Bennet. Graeme lets us know that there’s going to be a special announcement tonight and after reminding us of his policy platforms of koala culling and keeping the commies out, he invites us to take a seat in the special function room of the Salisbury Community Sports Club. Just like any good bowlo, its the perfect setting for an 80’s political fundraiser and for  Impro Mafia’s latest show created for the 2022 Anywhere Festival, Murder at the Bowlo.

I pick up on a little flirting between Gabby and Graeme before making acquaintances with the other members of the Rural Party in attendance and their special guests in attendance. There’s Carla Nightingale, Graeme’s Chief of Staff; Bruce McSwinney, who runs his own construction company is the local Branch President; Jazz Jeffries, who works for Bruce, and hints at her plans to make a big announcement tonight; Siobhan Gnó, local fragrance entrepreneur and passionate member of the the party; Coco Deluxe, bad boy singer and the night’s entertainment; and Leica Butcher from the Queensland sun newspaper, who’s desperate for a scoop on Coco. As they introduce themselves to us, I dig for details about their connections, and all are keen to let slip about secrets, alliances and rivalries even before the formalities begin. 

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