Review by Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane of ‘In Melodiam’, presented by Here + There Productions

“Oh, you can hear me!” 

And with that perfectly mysterious introduction, our group is thrust into the world of In Melodiam by Here + There Productions

Our Hero, (Clare Alcock), had been mournfully replaying the same few notes on her piano, seemingly trapped in a monotonous purgatory. She slowly realised that our group had been watching her every move. We were huddled  together in a corner downstairs at Cinnamon & Bond Cafe in West End, but as soon as Edie acknowledged us, the outside fell away and we were thrust into the world of In Melodiam.

Here + There Productions returns to the Anywhere Festival after their impressive debut production The Shelter. While it incorporates elements of escape room of last year’s show, In Melodiam turns the genre on its head. It is described as an ‘escape room in a suitcase’, but this description barely does justice to our experience. 

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