Review by Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane of ‘7 Mortal Sins’, presented by Glitter Martini

On a drizzly Saturday night, I found myself in a stunning church with steep gabled roof, stained glass windows and brickwork that is 119 years old, celebrating what it is to be mortal. And what better way to do it, than with an Atonement for our sins, Glitter Martini style? I’m talking a freestanding aerial rig center stage. Circus, burlesque, sideshow, and even a little magic. And seven sinfully good acts, administered by one very captivating master of Ceremonies, Priest Benedict.

Full of brilliant one liners, the Priest played by Trent Charles, brought a nice continuity to the show with just the right amount of cheeky irreverence, and a refreshing candour that was ultimately quite beautiful and sage. He also showed impressive emotional intelligence in his improvised interactions with the audience. There was a greater message to everything in this production, and it was especially apparent in the Priest’s narrative.

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