Review: Is that a burrito in your pocket or are you just happy you have a burrito?

This comedy show is just like a wonderful girls’ night in – full of laughs, good stories and funny re-enactments. I really enjoyed Lauren Bok’s ‘Is that a burrito in your pocket or are you just happy you have a burrito? Lauren immediately engaged the good sized audience with her friendly and natural warmth. Her introduction set the night up beautifully with her down to earth humour. She had us smiling along with her sharing of personal relationship stories and the acting out of her ‘slut night’ made the laughter ripple through us. Her strong miming skills and facial expressions clearly captured the hilarity of the situation.

Lauren had a wonderful ease and interaction with the audience, even asking us to share our celebrity free passes with her. She then paraded posters of her list to us and had most of the audience in stitches. This escalated when she confessed about her TV audition for a feminine hygiene product and how she wished her period was in fact more like jam. She beautifully handled any awkwardness in the audience and had us all laughing along.

A change of pace occurred with her sharing about her dad’s death and you could feel the intimacy in the air as we all were touched by the story and then of course, like true comedians do, they lift us and find the lighter side to a difficult event. Lauren cleverly wrapped up her show with a comparison of how life is like a burrito and once again, we all appreciated her story telling and humour. I left with a smile on my face and the contented feeling of not only being entertained but also having been on a journey as well.

Eeny Meeny cafe was a little treasure too with its inviting interior and central Frankston location. It was obvious that the people who had come early for the canapes and drinks had totally enjoyed the food and atmosphere.

Definitely check out Lauren Bok. You won’t be disappointed! And pop into Eeny Meeny cafe too!

By Melissa Learmonth