Review: Brisbane Her Story

Brisbane Her Story by Talk of the Town Storytelling Services reviewed by Natasha Hayes
On a lovely Thursday morning I made my way to the Brisbane School of Arts to meet Rosa Praed, in her finery of a long flowered skirt, black velvet jacket, purple velvet hat and pink flowered velvet bag considering she has been dead since 1935 she looked beautiful.
Natalie Cowling is Rosa Praed a famous author we “probably have never heard of” she is going to tell us her story and those of many women that spent time in Brisbane. The only time throughout the three hour walking tour we meet Natalie is when proudly tells us she spent many many hours researching the characters on the tour although they are not characters they were real women who did amazing things.
How did I know about these women? I have lived in Brisbane all my life. So many buildings and artwork that help tell their stories and how the women all linked to each other in some way.
The three hours went by so quickly, Rosa loved sharing her story of her life and the women she wanted to share with us, her eyes and smile said as much as her voice.
The four of us on the tour learnt so much, walking the steps that these women did we felt that they were watching us guiding us along the way to be a strong brave women
Adelaide Street is more than just home of my dance school I see it in whole new way.
Do yourself a favour whether you are a local or a visitor to Brisbane join Rosa these women’s’ stories deserve to be heard
I attended the 10.05.2018 tour

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