Bliss by Underground Productions

I saw this on the final night of its run at the festival; being a Sunday night and Mother’s Day I thought the numbers of this very interactive show might be low.  I was delighted to see that it was sold out!

Thank you Underground Productions and writers Jack Bradley, Kurtis Laing, Alex Letts and Joshua Thla what a great production!

We were greeted at the door by one the writers advising us to follow the orange tape and to stay within in it at the bottom level of a beautiful old Queenslander in the suburb of Gordon Park.

As the play went on you could stay watching a certain scene with certain characters or go outside to follow other characters.

Bliss told the story of 4 housemates who are desperate to find there other housemate who has been missing for a week.  When an ex house mate arrives back in Brisbane to help the friends find Mark, relationships are tested.

This was a very clever thought out play, I admit I could have moved around a lot more (ushers guided us where to go) but I was transfixed on the characters at that point in time.

I am curious what came first the play or the house or maybe the writers all live in the house and got the idea from living together.

It was almost like the TV show “Big Brother” but much better, I could not care less on TV I really cared about these housemates what did they know? What are they hiding?

I left wanting to ask some questions to certain housemates (they were no longer characters in a play) so maybe if I had moved around more my questions would have been answered?

I spoke to one of the writer’s at the end asking“What really happened to Mark?” and he cleverly turned back on me asking “What do you think?”

There is enough left “in the air” not just about Mark’s disappearance but the housemates lives for a Bliss 2 for next year’s festival although saying that very few sequels have ever been worth watching.  I think I will l leave it to the housemates to live with their conscious as they learn to cope without Mark.