“Sometimes love just isn’t enough.”

The Seeker Collective (as stated on their website) “seek” (ha) to confront society’s values, ideas and morals. What better issue to start with than that of relationships in the modern world. Bermuda tells the story of three people who love, lose and seemingly use each other in a love triangle that seemingly threatens one couple’s relationship. What happens when love just isn’t enough anymore?

Bermuda had a pleasant, familiar sit-com vibe that I wasn’t quite expecting. Whether it was the couch, the cosy apartment, the small ensemble or the thematic saxophone score that carried through the transitional scenes, much of the somewhat trope-y dialogue wouldn’t have been out of place in some of our much loved TV shows – “I think this calls for a  celebration, don’t you?” “Why don’t we take this to the bedroom” (I’m paraphrasing). The homage is a welcome one and instils the performance with an almost warm familiarity that is only further enhanced by the gorgeous space. The Lucky Duck Café is a charming café/bar situated in Highgate Hill and certainly had the intimacy that this kind of show called for.

Although the script wasn’t necessarily anything ground breaking, I think it fulfilled what it set out to do – challenge our ideas of the modern relationship. Without giving too much away, the ending surprised me in a really delightful way. I think I was preoccupied with the almost romantic-comedy like feel to the narrative and felt sure that I knew how it would end which is funny now I think about what they were most likely trying to do. I found myself loving and hating all the characters at different points in the performance and admired the commitment that all of the actors (Lachlan Smith, Hannah Barr and Athena Rohrsheim) brought to the stage. I do, however, think the show would have benefitted from a longer running time, just to give time to further consolidate the bonds between the characters which seemed to be barely given time to bloom before they were torn apart.

Overall, I enjoyed Bermuda and wish the cast and crew good luck with their final show on Saturday night. I believe they are all sold out, but I very much look forward to seeing what they do next.




This review is based on the reviewer’s experience of the performance on May 21st. 


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Heidi Harrison is a young artist with a passion for new theatre. Currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) with a minor in creative writing, she has a particular interest in both the written word and movement. Otherwise, she loves cats and is generally too lazy to turn the record over.