Review: Being Jesus

Performing out the back of a pub is always  “brave”  when you have loud music and often even louder publicans to “compete” with but the Delirium Comedy Group managed to do it even if first night (08 May 2015) “issues” threaten to spoil the night.

So what happens when Jesus hosts a dinner party for his birthday, all he wants is his family to play nice but a lot has happen in the last 2000 years, tensions are bound to come to the surface.

His family members ( in case you aren’t aware of the holy family) are his father God, Step Father Joseph, his mother Mary, the Devil and a surprise guest Judas.

God is a funny bloke, well he thinks he is, Mary is disappointed that Joseph is not a better step father, The Devil “don’t call me Lucy” is trying to stop his evil ways, Joseph has a relationship with God that has to be seen to be believed and Judas just wants to apologise to Jesus and it is not for the reason you make think.

I came away from the performance thinking they are just a normal family with everyday problems who just happen to have to live up to our expectations.

I will tell you one thing though, my ideas of what Mary was (thanks to my Catholic school education) was certainly different to what I saw tonight.

If you are a believer, or a non believer, come along to The Boundary Hotel for an eye opening night and see what it is like Being Jesus