Review: Backyard Double Bill

Staying at Toowong Bowl’s Club I went to see Backyard Double Bill.  These were two short shows, The Picnic and Saying Goodbye to Ally

Back in the space where I had previously seen The Giggleback Kidz Reunion Tour the space had been transformed.

The Picnic

As you walked in facing another wall we see Maggie (Gemma Elsom) and Kat (Tess Middleton) in clear ponchos with whipped cream on them.  The are standing very straight with forced smiles and their arms are slightly away from their bodies but very stiff, they are slightly moving their heads side to side.

Credit to Gemma who performed a very physical piece in a “moon” boot.

The vulnerability of the characters was real and I wonder if they were playing themselves just giving themselves just with different names.

Certain parts of the story were funny, put it this way you may never look at Chocolate Cake the same way again!

Treymayne Gordon has written a very real story  of what young people (in the first world at least) are experiencing in their lives.  Andrew Barnes gentle background music help create  the atmosphere.

Saying Goodbye to Ally

After a quick 20 minute break  I was back to see Kristen Maloney’s  Say goodbye to Ally after reading the programme I realised it was a double bill because she directed The Picnic as well as writing and directing this one.

The same cast was in this one but with two new members including the writer of The Picnic, Treymayne Gordon.

This play also used the space with lots of props used in very different ways but it all made sense to the story.

This was a lot darker content than The Picnic and included a funky soundtrack that the audience was invited to dance to as it was New Year’s Eve afterall (well for 1o mins of the show)

There were also similarities too, food really does bring people together.

These young people blew me away with their talent I was transfixed on what was was going to happen next.

I was glad to be part of their lives for a hour, I hope their future is full of amazing roles and I get to see them on the stage again soon.

Both playing until 14th 15th 19th 21st