Review: Awful/Big Adventure

We only had 30mins to get from Newmarket after seeing Genius? I was unsure we make it and then to find a park on a Saturday night at Kangaroo Point to experience The Suicide Ensemble’s latest work,  Awful/Big Adventure.

I had seen their work in previous years, the honesty and very confronting performances is not for everyone in fact in a show from previous years we nearly had a walk out but the patron sat through it whether she began to except what she had seen or suffered in silence I don’t know.

Onto this show, it was performed a beautiful old building which was the home of Aboriginal Centre of Performing Arts.

We were greeted at the front door  to be given a map to find certain objects.

In the beginning I began to wonder who was in the cast and who were spectators then groups began to form and these group began to go into separate rooms where activities were taking place.

To be honest I relied on other people to decide what rooms to go to and the whole concept just seemed too complicated.

I so wanted to enjoy this show because I love the founder(Daniel Gough)  of the Suicide Ensemble’s ideas, “What do we want the audience to feel?” and “Why is theatre the way to do this?”

Thinking about it now, I did feel something it may not have been what they wanted me to feel but I did feel something and what it is, confusion I left unsure on what I just seen yes the honesty was there but the story just lost me.