Review: Awesome Ocean Party

Awesome Ocean Party is a piece that I went into with high expectations. The show that I named “The Number One Must See Show at Anywhere Theatre Festival” has been one of the shows I have been counting down the days until opening through this festival. The (as the name suggests) Awesome Ocean Party finally opened its doors this Thursday, and it did not let the audience down.

An octopus welcomes the audience to her birthday party. No one speaks up, so she continues talking about herself. She confesses that she is the offspring of a octopus and a human, an expert problem solver (who is unable to decide what to do with her discarded gift wrappings. She shows her musical talent, the noteworthy ability to cry while playing the recorder. The octopus (who decided to change her name to Luna for her birthday) pulls out a picture book, which tells the hilarious, yet heartbreaking story of her descendants and her parents forbidden romance.

There is an inherent awkwardness that comes with solo performance in the theatre, which was embraced whole-heartedly by performer Giema Contini (had to look up the spelling at least three times for this article alone), who took the audience on a journey that was equal parts awesome and uncomfortable. The quirky, one-sided dialogue between the performer and the audience was eaten up by all in attendance. Musical interludes slotted well into the piece, as we were graced by Contini’s beautiful voice, or at times the ever entertaining sing-along to Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid.

The evening was consistently entertaining as the Awesome Ocean Party team had transformed the Musgrave Park Pool into a truly Awesome Ocean Party. An outstanding performance, resemblant of A Tribute of Sorts, was a show that I thoroughly enjoyed from the first minute to the last. I highly recommend coming and seeing this show.

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