Awesome Ocean Party
Musgrave Park Pool

Review By Maddie Nixon

Written by Giema Contini and produced by Matt Seery, Awesome Ocean Party is a delightful and heart-warming story about a half-octopus half-human celebrating her birthday. Contini is hilariously awkward and extremely likeable. The story itself is touching and will make you laugh, then cry, then laugh again.

Upon entering the space, you immediately feel welcomed as you are greeted with a sea themed bar and plenty of cushions and blankets to keep you warm it the night air. Seery and Contini have thought of everything and want you to have a great night at the theatre.

Set in an empty pool, the protagonist talks directly to the audience, making you feel included and invested. Contini’s ability to charm the audience furthers your empathy for her, as she tells you about the tragic love story of her parents.

Without spoiling anything, the highlights of the performance, besides Contini’s humour, were the less extravagant scenes that allowed her to explore more sombre themes and higher tension moments. This is when Contini’s acting and storytelling abilities really get to shine. The first quarter of the show could potentially benefit from more moments like this, as at times the energy seems a tad unfocused. However, this is quickly forgiven and forgotten once the show gets going.

Awesome Ocean Party is fantastic. I hope that Contini and Seery continue to work together, and if so, I can’t wait to see what they do next.


Awesome Ocean Party is showing from the 14th-23rd May.
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