Set in the grounds of Musgrave Park Pool, Giema Contini delivers a quirky, yet at times sad performance.

She is half human, half octopus and for tonight’s purposes at least she wants to be know as Pearl.

The pool thankfully is emptied but full of remnants of her past which she uses to enhance her tale of how she came to be.

I have always admired one person shows, this was no exception.

The story is almost child like with big pictures and props but no this is not a story for children.

In between her story telling she sang us ballads or soundtracks from songs (of course all related to the ocean)

I am so  glad I went to “Pearl’s” party, she is a beautiful young lady who just wants to be accepted for who she is, but then don’t we all.

She has a few more parties to host before we say goodbye, please go her story needs to be heard

Awesome Ocean Party

I know she will warm your heart on cool autumn night, she did mine.