This review comes from Casa Italia Community Centre in New Farm, unfortunately by the time this is published the season will have finished but my hope it gets another “life” some where else or maybe will be a regular performance at the centre.

We are patrons at a pizzeria run by brother and sister, over the night we meet the other patrons (actors) with help of a new employee secrets are revealed and apologies made.

I admit it took me awhile to “warm” to the characters but as the night went on I began to love them.

At times very funny at times quite sad the cast interacted with each other well and the patrons(us) loved hearing about their stories.

This group of people were so grateful for the experience, I hope they get the opportunity to perform other roles in their career.

With such multicultural country we live in maybe next time they could run a souvlaki  shop with the title Yassou

Yes, Greece please If they give tasters as they did for this show I will have olives and feta.

Well done to all there were certainly worse ways to spend a Friday night, Arrivederci but not for long I hope.