Review: Argo presents Flow

On the 6 May at 7:30 Dave and I found ourselves, behind the Old Windmill at Spring Hill where there are are two Spring Hill Reservoirs. The reservoirs were built from red brick and mortar and set in-ground with interior columns and arches between the walls for reinforcement of the building. They no longer service Brisbane its water but  have remained heritage-listed.

This venue was chosen by the the group, Argo as the acoustics are sensational in this venue as sounds resonate throughout so you can hear no matter where you are seated.

Argo is  Connor D’Netto and Ben Heim who like to mix (with the help of other musicians) sound and visual imagery to make a classical music in a very innovate way.

There were cello, electric guitar, violin and acoustic guitar.  I found myself loosing myself in the imagery as the name suggests had a water theme when listening to the cello, electric guitar and violin.   It was soothing for the soul.

When the acoustic guitar was being played I stopped looking at the images on the walls I was curious to see what I was hearing so I began to look at nimble finger work of the musician.

It was also interesting to see other audience members expressions when listen to what was being played and which musician had the most viewers.

The audience was also looking at the computer programmes operator by Connor and Ben that was used to project the images and enhance the music sound

For me as not a technically minded person I was happy just look and feel the music

I normally are not one to listen to classical music (unless I am at the ballet) but I found myself loving what was I was hearing, a lovely chilled out way to spend a Friday night.




Natasha Hayes