Adamo Mortem

How we die is different for everyone?  The performance I saw on the 07 May at Visible Ink at 7pm covered that topic and more.  The title of the play “Adamo Mortem” translate to “take love/take pleasure in death” by the end of the performance I began to think I too could Adamo Mortem

5 different vignettes are interwoven together to find ourselves observing what death is like.

The writer, Nathaniel Young wrote a play for last year’s festival “Arrivederci” which I enjoyed so I was looking forward to see another one of his works.

Nate as he prefers to be called has written a very clever piece of theatre with a great cast too.

Visible Ink although situated in a very busy (especially on a Saturday night) part of Fortitude Valley all sound was left outside as we entered the space.

A small stage with minimal props helped tell the story effectively.

Death is not a menacing creature as you may expect but a woman( Aimee Monement)  who actually cares about who must die next in fact she is always there and not to be afraid when the time comes.

Most of the cast play multiple roles including Phillip Fitzjohn, Vanessa Reddam who incidentally is also the director and Tammy Sarah Linde these performers made the transform between characters so easy.

For me personally the stands out performances were from Shannon Haegler and his “partner in crime” Nathaniel Young the banter between the two of them was just brilliant.

I did wonder how the five vignettes could weave together when death is such a personal thing but it worked perfectly.

The ending was a treat, who would have though death could be so funny?

Catch death again on the 13 May