Review: A Dream Play

This was held at the same place as I had “The Fever” the night before, originally it was going to be held a the uniting church a few streets away, I am not sure why the change of venue and time but I prefer the space I was ushered into.

Not long after sitting we were handed a torch that the front of house staff told us to use and the one of the cast members to “shine on what was bad lighting”

This was one of the longer shows I will be seeing at the festival and maybe the largest cast, I guess I will find out as I see more shows as the festival goes on.

So what is A Dream Play all about, Agnes is a goodness who is sent to earth to learn about the mortals who live there.

The only item on stage is a bed, a washing line with hanging sheets and fairy lights above the bed.

The make up on the cast is wonderful with pasty white faces with dark eyes either on the eyebrows or in some cases outlining the whole eye.

This is theatre performing  surrealism/expressionism at its best, but had I know what it was before the show (thank you to a fellow reviewer who explained it in his review) I may not have attended.

Don’t get me wrong I did not hate it, in fact the acting was brilliant and raw, emotive and honest but I came away feeling “heavy”

I so wanted to enjoy this more than I did for me it went “over my head”

For those who enjoy this style of theatre I hope this cast did the art form justice.

A Dream Play has 3 more performances, a performance you will never forget.