2Cool2Spurious REVIEW by Aimi Hobson

At last years Anywhere Festival Aaron brought us ‘Master of Delusion’ and this year he follows on from that show with another mix of slight of hand magic and self-deprecating comedy.

Ducker makes it clear very early on that he has no respect for many of the grandiose and self important professional magicians, and a large component of his show is centred around exposing how they operate and make themselves ‘cool’ and why that’s silly.

He does this with the earnestness of a child showing you something they made one minute and biting satire the next.

Photo credit – Aimi Hobson

Don’t expect to get to sit in your seat for the entire show however as almost every magic trick involves audience participation; From signing cards to playing Russian Roulette with staple guns, it’s a wild ride.

Verdict: This is definitely not a show for everybody. However if you enjoy cringe humour and like knowing how magic tricks work then 2Cool2Spurious is a fun way to pass an hour.

The reviewer attended the May 26 showing.