Retail Therapy Review by Jacqx

Using the words of CeCe Shabam, retail therapist extraordinaire, “Retail: a rewarding career with a satisfying salary package and lots of prospects for the future… Said no one ever!”

Who would have thought there was an art form to selling clothes? CeCe Shabam reveals the secrets of retail therapy and how to be a game player. All her invaluable knowledge was gained over five years of loyal service. Yep, showing up to work every day, including weekends, with a smile that would melt icebergs.

“You see, there’s a reason why people in retail smile so much. It’s not because we’re happy, it’s not because we like you. It’s because secretly, we’re dying inside and we don’t want you to know it.”

Cassandra Croucher is the mastermind behind the cleverly written script. She has taken her years of experience working in retail and her current role as a music teacher and put together a one-woman show that is not only entertaining but has a few surprises along the way. Cassandra is accompanied by local Brisbane composer Benedict Braxton-Smith who weaves his own magic by playing the keyboard unobtrusively.

If you happen to be sitting in the front row, there’s a good chance you’ll be attacked at gunpoint, as was one poor unsuspecting soul. CeCe fired a round of shots at his entire body. Rumour has it that she is merciful enough not to aim at your head, unless you’re having a particularly bad hair day, so please come well coiffed to avoid infuriating her further. She does have a devilish glint in her eye as she recounts horror stories of items left in change rooms that are beyond belief. Occasionally you may notice a nervous twitch in her eye that makes you question her sanity, but then she breaks into song, relieving the tension of retail hell. Songs such as ‘He Had it Coming,’ gives you an idea of the fury behind the smile.

The unpacking of new stock reveals an envelope that is about to change the course of CeCe’s life. As curious as she is about the envelope, her priority is fishing around for that eye catching garment that she can purchase with her staff discount. The excitement is more than she can bear. As she rummages through the stock the lyrics of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ spring from her mouth. To add to the fun, CeCe also shares her lip exercises that allow her to keep her smile looking flawless at all times.

CeCe left us with an inspiring message that I feel gave the production depth and was the icing on the cake, so to speak. I really enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing more of Cassandra’s work.

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The show runs for 60 minutes. This review was based on Saturday, 7 May performance at 7.30pm.