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About a year ago, InsideOutside Artistic Director, Angela Witcher met Director Antonio Peluso at another Anywhere Theatre event and discovered they had a common love of Shakespeare. In Angela’s case this extends as far as having a Masters in Shakespeare from the University of Birmingham.

They also both have strong connections in the Aged Care Industry, Antonio as General Manager of a Retirement home on the Sunshine Coast and Angela as the designer of Access Arts ‘Creative Ageing’ program which has been piloted in Brisbane. They both believe strongly in the power of theatre and language and the positive effect it can have on people with dementia.

So, this year’s InsideOutside Theatre show ‘Remembering Shakespeare’ was born and soon emerging actors with a love of his work started to join the project which was previewed in its first creative development stage at NeverLand Theatre in North Lakes and at Queensland Theatre for Scratch Night.

Angela, who plays Tabitha, a woman suffering from rapid onset dementia is looking forward to developing the project further. She said, “It’s a huge challenge creating a character who is not only older than me but also suffering from this terrible disease which is on the rise. But the connection with Shakespeare softens the hard edges and makes it somehow relatable.”

Antonio added, “I see people deteriorating on a daily basis and often feel so helpless but if you can identify a coping mechanism it can bring comfort, familiarity and help reduce the feeling of isolation.”

The play centres around Tabitha with other performers delivering Shakespearean monologues and scenes that depict stories from her life using the original language, dance, physical theatre and even comic relief.

Discussing the venues, Angela said, “Performing in people’s homes adds a new dimension to the play as where the first draft was in a residential home, this opportunity means we can set the play in Tabitha’s house which she is desperately trying to remain in rather than move into a home.”

Throughout, she interacts with or watches family members and medical ‘professionals’ as they perform their scenes, because Tabitha remembers her life through Shakespeare’s text.

Sometimes hard to watch, often surprising and accessible to both connoisseurs of the Bard and those with little knowledge of his work, this promenade performance will definitely make you think.


About InsideOutside Theatre Company

Not-for-Profit InsideOutside has been creating original work for emerging artists and opportunities for people with disability and dementia to get involved in performance since 2012. Best known for producing murder mysteries in unusual spaces, we are looking forward to bringing Remembering Shakespeare to two beautiful homes in Doonan and Newmarket.

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