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From August 17 to 27, Anywhere Theatre Festival reveals Wollongong’s secret nooks and crannies through pop-up performances and art exhibitions.

Imagine.  Poetry in a Cantonese dumpling cafe, cabaret in a transformed 1930s car dealership, opera in a crown-shaped building, circus in a shopping centre stairwell, or comedy in a backyard.  (1)

All produced under one condition: to perform anywhere but a theatre, or exhibit art anywhere but a gallery.
Artist and venue registrations welcome February 22 – March 26.




Venue hire – traditionally an independent artist’s biggest cost – is removed with this one condition, paving the way for in-kind collaborations with Wollongong City Council, businesses and individuals.

For Circus Monoxide, it’s a chance to be inspired by the venue – rather than the constraints of a theatre. Circus chairperson, Jonathon Christley says: “Having a different space to use creates a whole lot of other ways to think of performance – and that’s exciting, I think.”

Steen, well-known to Wollongong’s theatre community, also runs Ziggy’s House of Nomms – a Cantonese dumpling cafe and teahouse – just waiting to pop with performances. While Steen is open to the unexpected, his ‘must-see’ would be a French-style poetry reading from a podium.

And assisting each love-match between producer and venue is creative producer, Tim Monley – an outdoor and Fringe Festival performer, who’s toured internationally. He says: “We’re aiming for performances at 20 different locations within a couple of blocks of the Crown Street mall, with 20-30 different shows, 5,000 tickets sold, and 15,000 people participating through free and online activities.”

Interested performing and visual artists – and those keen to offer a venue – have until March 26 to register at

In return for their registration fee, artists receive step-by-step guides, an online/phone box office, public liability insurance, marketing support and artists workshops. Tim can provide registration support via e-mail:


  1. Discover Wollongong footnote
  • Cantonese dumpling cafe: Ziggy’s House of Nomms
    (As featured, with photo credit to Steen)
  • Transformed 1930s car dealership: Humber Kitchen Bar Rooftop
  • Crown-shaped building: Wollongong Art Gallery
  • Our partner, Wollongong Central – a 5 Star Green Star retail centre
  • Backyard – Join us!

Please note the associated performance types are suggestions only.

Anywhere Theatre Festival Limited thanks major partners Wollongong City Council, Destination Wollongong and Wollongong Central. Wollongong Anywhere Theatre Festival has been assisted by the Australian government through the Department of Communication and the Arts’ Catalyst – Australian Arts and Culture Fund.

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