Add Public Liability for Anywhere Fringe


Public Liability coverage for an individual or a group.



For just $75 you can buy into Anywhere Festival’s Public Liability for your production.

To be covered, you must provide a valid risk assessment that is approved by Anywhere Festivals and follow the risk management strategies detailed in the plan.

This public liability will cover you from the point of purchase to the end of the festival.

If the insurance is also used for rehearsals, you must provide a risk assessment for the rehearsal period that is approved by Anywhere Festival. As with the performance period, without the risk assessment and approval by Anywhere Festival, the insurance is not valid.

There are some high risk activities that we are not able to cover. We reserve the right to not cover and refund if a high risk activity is involved.

If looking to work throughout the year we recommend looking at year long coverage through other providers like Duck For Cover.