2023 Brisbane Anywhere Festival Resources (Instalments)

$59.00 / month for 5 months

ive monthly instalments of $59, totalling $295.


This is for Brisbane Anywhere Festival only. Moreton Bay Anywhere Festival and Brisbane Anywhere Festival are separate festivals with separate programs that run at different times.

ive monthly instalments of $59, totalling $295. To pay upfront in one payment instead, click here.

The amount must be confirmed by 4pm Monday 9 January 2023 as the program is a limited size and we will invite another production from the shortlist if you are not planning to proceed. All links will be provided by 10 January at the latest and earlier if payment is made earlier. If you need to discuss, get in contact with Anywhere Festival via the email.

The resources include:

  • Support/Advice from Anywhere Festival and Moreton Bay Regional Council staff to help realise your show.
  • Support/Advice to find new rent free performance venues and consideration for venues with a pre existing relationship with Anywhere Festival
  • Inclusion in the Brisbane Anywhere Festival wide box office system and you take 90% of box office income.
  • Inclusion in the Brisbane Anywhere Festival print program pending confirmation of all your show details.
  • Eligibility for the Anywhere Awards
  • Considerations for promotions through our eNews to a combined 18,000 people, Facebook of 8,000 and Instagram of 2,000.
  • Access to the online resources and  Producing Live Performance Anywhere online course.
  • Access to the private participant groups for discussions by topic, region and across the entire region
  • Regular weekly eNews with important news and tricks.

The estimated value of the support provided by Anywhere Festival is $7,038. It’s all about making it possible for you to take creative risks without the huge financial risks required when booking traditional venues.

If you wish to be covered by the Anywhere Festival public liability, add in the public liability cover which will cover you across all festivals.

Here’s what producers and performing artists at 2022 Anywhere Festival said about the value of being in Anywhere Festival.

“I’ve done Anywhere Festival three times and this year I realised something. I realised that so many of the new people don’t realise how much Anywhere Festival does behind the scenes. So much. I only realised when we presented our second show with another venue and assumed they would do all the things Anywhere did for us, but they didn’t.” 

“It is so important as you learn so many new skills and are allowed to make mistakes because Anywhere acts as a safety net to catch you. There are so many useful resources including a great creative team.”

“It’s the accessibility and lower cost of entry for emerging or indie artists. Building networks with potential venues is really important.”

“Anywhere is an excellent stepping stone out of university. It allows us to put our learned knowledge into practice. I would not have been confident in trying the producer role without Anywhere Festival.”

“The festival creates a safe space for new work, and emerging artists to feel free to explore and experiment art without financial repercussions. Additionally, it provides a net of community for the local performing arts scene.”


If you withdraw from the festival before the program confirmation deadline, you will receive a refund of $100 as many services and support will already be provided by Anywhere Festival. No refunds are provided after the program confirmation deadline due to the impact a cancellation has on the festival, other artists and venues.

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