2021 Producer Pack

This is the page to find all the links and information you need starting with the PRODUCER PACK GUIDE. This was last updated mid February and some date and time information may have changed, but all the key tips should still be pretty much spot on.

The other key place to go for all downloadable resources, from CoC certificate to budget templates, logos, etc can be found HERE.

Looking for QR codes for your shows? They are here.

To go to your ticketing and attendees page, click here 

Ticketing Key Points

Here are a few key things for ticketing at the moment (14 April)

  • Booking comp tickets - refer to the eNews link on this page from 7 April for the code
  • Attendee or Orders list (LINK)
  • Anywhere Artist discount prices for shows at THIS LINK. These prices are for all personnel involved in your shows and are the prices set by you when confirming your show listing form.

Contact Us

Key contacts to emails are:

Ipswich - Timothy Wynn

Moreton Bay - Melissa Western

Brisbane - Zed Hopkins

Ticketing and Web site - [email protected]

Digital - Tim Monley

Participant and Venue eNews

Here is the link to all the previous eNews sent to performance makers and venues in the lead up to the festival.

20 April - 7 April - 30 March - 28 March - 23 March - 12 March - 2 March - 18 February - 10 February

Anywhere Awards

The Anywhere Awards public page can be found here. More detail on the Awards and eligibility can be found here.

Some Anywhere Awards require an expression of interest to ensure the prize on offer is something of interest. To express interest, head here.


Check out the Anywhere Festival YouTube Learning Channel HERE.

Key videos include: Everything You Need TO Know About Anywhere, Masterclass with Scott Wings, Anywhere Marketing 101 and Social Media Marketing with Nadia Jade