Page last updated 16 May 2022

Wrapping up, getting your box office paid and Anywhere Awards

Hi we know many of you are at that point where you have finished the run of your show and it's time to wrap up. Here are a few things.

The post festival participant survey to provide feedback, your dailies and bank account details for box office payment is AT THIS LINK.

We will process shows who have completed the forms on Monday 23 May and reply back with the full ist of orders and box office pay out for you (minus the 10% to Anywhere) to check including ticket purchasers with details who have opted in to your mailing list.


2022 Anywhere Awards

Voting to the public will open on Monday 6 June after Anywhere Festival finishes in Moreton Bay and the ceremony will be held 4pm Saturday 25 June.

RSVP for your team and invite your volunteers and production partners at this link.


2022 Brisbane Fringe Registrations Opening Event

Registrations will go live on Friday 3 June at an event where all the details will be revealed for 2022 Brisbane Fringe, running 14 October - 6 November.

Why come? We will go live with details at the event so you'll hear it first as well as being able to talk to venues and get first dibs on the information to get your preferred venues and slots. Grab your ticket at this link.

Booking comps

We have created two: INDUSTRY2020A#r# for industry and X09JWOWSER for comps you want to book for other people.

Unlike other festivals, we do not limit or charge you for your comps, but we do recommend looking at your budget and making sure you put your comps in the first show to maximise a full house

Subscribe to these calendars

Subscribe to these calendars to get all the core dates including deadlines for copy, program, risk assessments, special events and the whole shebang for your region:

Current COVID-19 Policy (3 Feb 2022)

We know there's a lot of uncertainty around COVID and vaccinations. Here's where we stand at the moment and we hope this provides certainty for you to make decisions. 

According to the current Queensland Health directives, participants and audience no longer need to provide proof of vaccination.

This is the same for indoor and outdoor events at this point in time, though we expect this to change between now and April - June.

We will keep you updated around any potential changes and build up a list of key resources to make it as easy as possible for you to manage at your event.


Issues or problems

Any issues with the page or web site related things? Contact [email protected]

Getting set up for show nights

Hi everyone, firstly, we have been continuing with the weekly eNews, mostly on Tuesday but sometimes the day varies. If you haven't been receiving them, email [email protected]

A list of key eNews for participants and audiences can be found here.


You can view the attendees and orders and export for communications with audiences at this link

  1. Make it easier to sell tickets at the venue. Instead of setting up Stripe or carrying lots of cash, provide people the link to buy it online and people can buy a ticket UP UNTIL THE OFFICIAL SHOW START TIME.

    This worked extremely well last year when it was brought in for COVID and made it a lot simpler for your front of house.

    Here is the Word poster template and here is the link to all your show QR codes to put in the gap in the poster. Put one outside the venue and one where people might be waiting in line to come into the venue.

  2. How To Check In People at the door. Two approaches depending on what you find easier
    1. Click on "Attendees" in your event and you can tick off each ticket holder. there is a search function to allow you to find
    2. When looking at your attendees in your event list through THIS LINK, click Export. This will save a file with all your bookings. It is saved to wherever downloaded files go (in Mac, this is the Download folder).
  3. Where are my bookings and attendees found? Log into with your participant login and you will be taken direct to your event page. If nothing is listed, contact us at [email protected] immediately so we can fix it.
  4. People are saying their QR codes aren't printing on their tickets. Unfortunately, this approach was not working reliably so we turned off the QR codes on tickets a couple of weeks ago.
  5. What proof do ticket holders have to show? Each ticket purchaser was sent an Order email and a ticket email. Both have the details you would need to check them in.

Looking for a coupon code to provide to customers. This can be created by us for you. Things like a percentage or $ discount per ticket is the kind of thing we can set up for you.

The print programs have been delayed, primarily due to every part of the design and supply chain being hit by floods. We are working to get this ready as soon as possible and will provide updated times to proof these for each region.


Certificate of Currency

For those who have paid to be covered by Anywhere Festival's public liability, please find attached the documentation to provide to your venue. As stated when buying into the insurance, it requires that you provide a risk assessment to Anywhere Festival that we sight and agree to before coverage takes place.

Endorsement DEFT V5-Anywhere Theatre Fest-LE179165-044564 copy

5433558Miramar - Leisure and Security - CoC


Collecting materials

For collection of programs, posters and resources as they become available.

Brisbane - Anywhere Festival Hub, 170 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane

Contact your local creative producer in Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast and Noosa to arrange collection.


Producing Live Performance Anywhere Online Course

This course has been rebuilt based on the Producer Pack from the ground up and you're the first group of participants to use it, so if there is anything you are unclear about or can't find after looking through the lessons, drop us a line.

Head to the course at THIS LINK. the course can now only be accessed by users logged in to the anywehreis system (ie. you)


If you have bought into Anywhere Festival's public liability, you can use this Certificate of Currency. If you haven't opted in, your name isn't in the details and you won't be covered. Be covered here

Anywhere Festival logos and usage

For Anywhere Festival logos, head here.

Quick tip on usage: place it clearly in the top right of your materials. If this is not possible, contact us at [email protected]

If you have a banner strip of supporters at the bottom of your materials, keep the Anywhere Festival logo separate to this strip.

The easier it is to connect your show to our marketing, the easier it is for people to remember and know where to go to buy a ticket.