Exhibit art anywhere but a gallery

After six years of presenting performances anywhere but a theatre, Anywhere Theatre Festival is opening up to include art exhibitions anywhere but a gallery.

“We’ve had so much interest from artists asking if we were going to do something that made it possible for them to get a profile and show their work outside the existing gallery structure that we thought it time we did,” said Paul Osuch, Cofounder of Anywhere Theatre Festival.

Artists can register their exhibition to be part of the 2017 Anywhere Theatre Festival from 15 October 2016 until 15 January for only $80 AT THIS LINK.

“Being part of the festival means they are part of our online and print program. Just as importantly they can will be part of the participant community and can partner up with performances and cross promotion strategies to draw people to their exhibition, wherever it is.” said Paul.

Locations can be anywhere but a gallery: houses, alleys, halls, pubs, fitness clubs, anywhere including theatres?

“Yep, we may end up with performances in art galleries and art exhibitions in a theatre,” said Paul. “Mixing up expectations and giving audiences the chance to see something in a non traditional context is what we know interests and surprises audiences and works for artists.”

“Ultimately, it is about a way to introduce new audiences to art, be it performance or visual art so that they will pay for a ticket or a piece and make it possible for artists to have the financial security to work on the next piece.”

To get more details and register your interest, artists should HEAD HERE.