Perform anywhere in Queensland

Independent artists throughout Queensland are invited to register for the 2017 Anywhere Theatre Festival running 4 May to Sunday 21 May 2017. Registrations open 15 October 2016 and close 15 January 2017.

All of Queensland? Yep, this year Anywhere Theatre Festival invites independent artists who want to perform anywhere but a theatre anywhere in Queensland. You can be part of the festival without having to travel to Brisbane.

Dance in Mackay, poetry in Cairns, comedy in Toowoomba, Shakespeare in Dalby.

That’s right, the festival of performance in the nooks and crannies of Brisbane and surrounds is inviting all of Queensland to reveal their nooks and crannies. Anywhere in Queensland where anyone wants to perform anywhere but a theatre can be part of the biggest collective of independent artists.

Who can register? Any performing artists who wants to present a performance anywhere but a theatre anywhere in Queensland !!!!!

For full details for individuals, groups as well as council packages, check this out.

But wait, there’s more. You can also exhibit art anywhere but a gallery as part of the festival.

“Last year we had 57 individuals and groups express interest in the festival and the majority who were too far from the Brisbane City Limits for us to be able to support them so we had to say no,” said Anywhere Theatre Festival CEO Paul Osuch.

“This year we are going to make it happen.”

Artists can sign up at no cost right now and don’t need to pay until the registration deadline of 15 January and still have another month to confirm show details for the program.

“Once you are registered you can join the very active community of independent artists, get access to tools to make presenting anywhere easy and register to be part of the monthly workshops in Brisbane that are also streamed online,” said Alex McTavish, Anywhere Theatre Festival Cofounder.

Anywhere Theatre Festival has received funding for the next four years through Arts Queensland with a mission to make it possible for artists to create and audiences to  experience incredible performances anywhere but a theatre.

“It offers the most supportive festival environment I’ve worked in.” said Lola Montgomery, producer and performer in 2015 Anywhere Festival. “You feel supported and as though you are part of a company rather than the usual fringe deal where you are on your own every step of the way.”

To register, head to THIS LINK.